Why Use Us!

Triple D Computer Services was founded in February 1997. Initially a small consumer oriented IT systems support company, we have grown to be able to provide complete IT and communications support for small to medium businesses, while still catering to the domestic market. Through strategic partnerships with large scale vendors we can now provide a broad variety of services integrated together to deliver a perfect blend of services to all clients. We have never forgotten where we started from and all services provided are completely personal. We know our clients, they know us, and together we create an efficient logical environment enabling both consumers and business to operate efficiently.

Our Experience Shows!

"The more things change, the more they stay the same." This could not be more true at Triple D Computer Services. Through the .com boom and bust, the introduction of barcoding, VoIP and digital PBX, tablets and smart phones - we've seen them all. We have designed and coded software, built Home Theatre servers and clients, set up complete cloud collaboration solutions, provided marketing strategies with new technologies, provided telecommunications solutions and services right down to supplying a home user with an inkjet printer or new modem/router. The more the IT and telecommunications world changes the more we thrive and develop our solutions to meet current and future technology while staying true to our roots. We adapt for you so you do not have to. No matter how things change, you can still call the same trusted source of information....us!